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Below is some important information. We are very educated on copyrights, and would like you as the consumer to rest assured that all services distributed through Romance Books Unlimited, are safe, reliable, and legal. We are a proud member of the Scam Free Zone, protecting consumers against fraud around the world.



Copyright Notice

Please be advised, that all books, products, and services distributed by Romance Books Unlimited, are 100% legal. We have gone to the publishers individually, and have requested written permission in distributing titles contained in our databases. Therefore, file sharing work of the author, is strictly prohibited from this site. These books are for your personal usage only. They cannot be reprinted, copied or sold without prior permission from the applicable author(s). Romance Books Unlimited has done so, prior to our distribution of services. Each digital file we distribute are the respective ownership of the authors.


How Does This Process Work

Romance Books Unlimited, developed the idea of creating a valuable and reliable safe solution for consumers who love to read romance novels. So we created our unique membership databases, for the added benefit in saving individuals as yourself reading this, thousands of dollars, safely downloading these digital books to your ereader devices, PC, and Mac computers.

While this process is ongoing, and very time consuming, we've gone to each of the authors, and requested individual permission from each and everyone, before distributing their work on our site. We've gotten written permission, to comply with all the respected and hard work of these individual authors. Ensuring you a safe, download environment.

All content is owned by the author(s), however with their permission is allowed in our databases. Meaning when you download any content from Romance Books Unlimited, you do not have the right to resell or distribute content, unless requested like we had to from the publishers directly. This sets grounds for digital piracy.


What Is A Copyright?

Copyright is a form of legal protection, supported by law for the author. It gives an author the right to control how their material and content is used. Anything you wish to do with an ebook, other than download and read it, will require permission of that author, whether it's a personal correspondence, or a printed statement from within the book, or a license.

Romance Books Unlimited, products all come individually with licenses, to protect ourselves from piracy. We contain thousands of products that are licensed upon reselling. Copyright is automatic, because once the author's work is created, it belongs to that specific author. There is no legal requirement to register. Ebooks most of the time, come with a copyright notice, as all of our books do, the copyright symbol, along with the author's name, and year the work was created.

A book is still protected, even though it's not strictly required, without a copyright statement. Copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus an additional 70 years. Note: If you download a book from a site, that is not an official retailer, distributor, or direct publisher (such as torrents, free file sharing sites, etc.....) you are more than likely supporting digital piracy, so credentials are a plus.

We can assure you, that Romance Books Unlimited, has written permission to distribute items contained in our databases. So please, do not distribute, as this is infringement.


More Information On Copyright And Licensing

Romance Books Unlimited, supports and respects the works of all author's and publishers from within. And won't ever violate any terms on this site, in means of distribution. Therefore, meaning the new books we add to our databases, free to you with your lifetime membership(s), be rest assured, publisher permissions were requested.


Standard Copyright

The main acts that offer legal protection of an author's intellectual property is the Digital Millenium Copyright Act in the United States, and the Copyright Designs and Patents Act in the United Kingdom. If you wish to do anything with the author's work other than read it, you will need the author's permission to do so, or else it's considered illegal action. You must not copy, reproduce, alter, change, distribute freely or for sale, without either a license, or some type of written verification.


Creative Commons

Romance Books Unlimited, contains a database full of products and fully licensed, in which you may resell once you've fulfilled your purchasing of the licenses. This comes with a more accomodating and not so tedious process, as we continue to on go, which may allow you to copy, share, remix, and make into your own. But keep in mind, some of the author's legal rights again as the orginal copyright holder still come into play.

Please refer to your creative commons reseller license, appearing with the individual product of interest. Please note the illustrations, books cover art, and any additional illustrations or photographs may be protected entirely separate from the content of a book, under copyright law. So please pay attention and check this.

Public Domain

Public domain books, such as No Restriction PLR products, have no restrictions at all, which is the easiest of all. If no law or statement in the books, establish proprietary rights over a work to restrict the use by the public at large, copyright then has been waived by the original author, it's considered deemed in the public domain. While the text might be in the public domain, again cover art, designs, and illustrations may still be protected separately by copyright law, so endure the publisher has been contacted and this information in your license confirmed, if you wish to copy or distribute a specific No Restriction Public Domain Product.