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Welcome to our frequently asked questions section. Here you will find useful resources and answers to some of the most important and common concerns of our customers. Should you not find what you are looking for, 24hr client support is available.


Romance Electronic Books


What Kind Of Books Do You Carry?

Our most popular romance line is our ever growing Harlequin Romance. We sell them at our tradebit wholesaler at rock bottom prices. No matter what book it is you are seeking, you can download them for only $1.50 per book. That's alot cheaper than our competition. Over 20,000 electronic books, plus more continuing to be added on a daily basis. We've even made it better than that. Enjoy reading for a hobby, but can't decide what you would like to read? Get them all in one bundle, and save even more. Read any book whenever your heart desires.


What Are The Requirements For Your Electronic Books In Order To Read Them?

There aren't any special requirements. We've included many popular formats for our books, in order to access them very conveniently. All books support the pdf format. Many of our electronic book files are supported for Kindle, Epub Reader, Microsoft Reader (.lit), PC, Mac, and Mobi Reader, and many more. Any device you carry, our books do support.


E-mail Marketing Leads

Note: We no longer carry email marketing leads. We have completely distributed all leads in our database, and is now closed permanently.

Question: How do you have so many e-mail addresses in your packages?

Answer: We heavily promote around the internet marketplace, targeting consumers of many niches, and interests, and in return they opt into our databases. Making it beneficial for business owners to target a specific audience, or an array of people by exposing their various products and services they have to offer.


Question: Are you sure this isn't spam?

Answer: We don't support or market to consumers for others to spam them, or ourselves. This is totally illegal, and wouldn't be in business if we did. People who use harvesting tools, and software such as these run the risk of providing illegal services to consumers who haven't requested information. Our lists and databases are clean and 100% opt in.


Question: How often are your lists updated?

Answer: We are always opting in new customers. It takes us about a month to organize our databases due to our overflow. But we keep them up to date at all times. Sending you fresh leads for free, when we receive them. So you'll always have grounds of potential for new customers, and to build your lists. After all, we're giving you millions of potential consumers.


Question: How do I order?

Answer: Go to our Business Solutions page. Choose one or more of the packages you desire to have. Add them to your shopping cart, located on the web page. There are add to cart buttons next to the product displays. Simply click the products you want, and a new window will appear, showing you your items.


Question: Can your email marketing software really send up to 50,000 emails an hour?

Answer: You bet it can. It's lightweight and easy to use. With lists as large as ours, you can be getting your products and services word out to a large amount of people all in one day. Bulk marketing is perfectly legal, and this software bypasses your regular ISP, making your marketing efforts even better. And it's a $50 software we're including in all of our packages, absolutely free. Can't go wrong with that.

Pdf Ebooks


1.) Question: What is a pdf ebook?

A pdf ebook is a convenient solution for customers to download to their computer using an adobe reader portable document format. It's simpler, and more affordable to use rather than a paper back book. You can read the book online at anytime or download it to a hand held device.


2.) Question: What are the system requirements?

There are no special system requirements. All that's needed is a program on your computer in order for you to read the pdf file(s). Adobe Reader is the most popular and simple to use pdf format for ebooks and other digital software. We provide these tools in our store to you free of charge.


3.) Question: What is the advantage for me purchasing an ebook?

Well if you enjoy to read, we contain a large library of online products and services for ebook readers to enjoy. Along with exclusive discounts and special offers. Also saving them time and money by conveniently accessing their products from their home pc anytime.


4.) Question: Can I recommend these books and resources to my friends?

Of course you can. In fact, the more individuals you refer to our online book store, the more rewards and incentives we have for you. So it will work in your favor.


5.) Question: Can I access my books at anytime?

Yes you can. Simply save the files to your computer or mobile device, and access them anytime you wish too, from anywhere in the world.


Software And Video Products


6.) Question: What is money making software?

We provide these unique world class tools for home business owners or seeking home business individuals who want to make money online. We have a large database of internet tools and software solutions that are powerful, and ready made to produce a lucrative income. We provide exciting and affordable home based solutions for individuals who are serious about making money online.


7.) Question: What is internet marketing software?

Internet marketing software ranges from creating your own affiliate programs, submitting articles online to hundreds of quality visitor friendly directories, professional web graphics, blogging, and many more marketing tools to assist in creating or adding increased sales revenue to your existing businesses.


8.) Question: How do I receive access to my video and software products?

Very simple. We provide all the instructions and tools that are necessary in accessing your products. And don't worry. It's nothing hard and complicated to configure on your end. We have taken care of the hard part for you. Simply save the files on your computer and follow instructions presented to you as you go. 


9.) Question: Are there any product updates?

Yes we keep our products up to date in our system automatically. You will be notified and instructed of our products and services purchased by you when updates become available. Automatically doing the work for you.


10.) Question: Are your products easy to use?

Yes they absolutely are. We want to make your ebook reader experience as easy and enjoyable as we possibly can. If there is something you don't understand we are here to help you out with anything you may need.


11.) Question? What is a software script?

A software script is a simple solution used by many business professionals in adding functionality to their new and existing websites. Simply download and install on your pc and you are ready to go.


Opening Digital Products And Files


12.) Question: Is there a special program I have to use in order to view my products?

Adobe reader is the most popular Pdf format in order to read your ebooks. We package all products securely by zipping the files. Winzip and Winrar ultilities are the world's most simple, and easy to use programs in order to get the best use out of your products. We provide these utilities to you free of charge.


13.) Question: Do I have to pay any fees for downloading my products?

Your downloads are free of charge once you have purchased your products. Shipping and delivery charges are included in product pricing. Visit our store for more details.


14.) Question: Can I access my products from anywhere in the world?

Absolutely. That's the benefit of the digital download world. Access a range of benefits and quality global consumer solutions in applying to your lifestyle without ever having to leave the house.


15.) Question: How long are my download links available?

We allow you a 14 day grace period from the time we deliver your digital products. Download links immediately disappear if products aren't downloaded. We run a tight 256-encryption security on our servers to prevent the threats of hackers and link farming.


16.) Question: What do I do if my download link expires and I can't access my products?

We offer a product back up service. For the lifetime of your products, if you didn't have a chance to download your purchase and your link expires, we will automatically send you a new download link with your products, free of charge. We highly recommend this service during checkout.


Special Offers And Promotions?


17.) Question: I found a coupon in the classifieds for your online store. Do they expire?

Yes they do carry expiration dates. However, if you are ready to make a purchase of products in our store, we will honor your expired coupons for you.


18.) Question: How can I earn special discounts?

Sign up for Wealth Divisions promotional newsletter either in the store or on our home page. Receive exclusive offers and promotions through Wealth Divisions via email.


19.) Question: Can I receive special discounts for telling my friends?

Absolutely you can. The more friends you send us, we will reward you with both money and promotional discount rewards toward future purchases for a lifetime.


20.) Question: Do you offer a rewards program?

Yes we do exclusively for our customers. We will automatically enroll you in our rewards program, once you have made a purchase. For every person you send our way, or based on the money you spend, you will receive cash back, or discount savings up to 80% off. Either way you have nothing to lose. But continue to gain.


21.) Question: What about gift cards or gift certificates?

We will be offering this service in the future. Sign up for our Wealth Divisions newsletter to be kept informed.


Home Business Resellers Programs


22.) Question: What is a reseller program?

A reseller program is referred to as your own affiliate business. The reseller purchases a bulk selection of our quality online products, earns the rights to them, and keeps 100% profit from their customers by simply resourcing the books purchased. A very lucrative way to work from home and earn residual income.


23.) Question: How do I know this isn't a scam?

We are not responsible for the false claims of other sites, and businesses out there in what they offer. We have nothing to do with them. We offer quality reading and learning resources, in addition to money making opportunities. The only way to truly want anything in life to work for you is to try it first. You will never know unless you tried.


24.) Question: What if I have no experience?

No problem. Our library contains educational resources in the powerful and simple fundamentals in building your reseller business online.


25.) Question: Can I really make alot of money?

Our products are world famous known, and are top sellers in every country. Therefore, we have the resources provided to you in earning a nice amount of money. But ultimately, those earnings and effort must come from only one person. That person must be you.


26.) Question: Is it really expensive?

No not at all. Owning an ebook reseller business is probably one of the least expensive businesses to get into on the internet. With ebooks with retail values of thousands. You can start an internet business alot less than what it would cost you to dine out at a fine restaurant.


27.) Question: How will I succeed with an ebook home business?

With proper use of our educational products and services located in our ebook home business section of our website, and you motivation, you can make your ebook success huge. We believe in you. All you have to do is believe in yourself.


28.) Question: Do you offer any training?

There isn't much training involved as far as starting an ebook business. We have all the tools needed in order to get it off the ground. You must apply the tools provided to you responsibly.


29.) Question: How many products can I market?

The sky is the limit. Our packages range from as little as 300 products to over 200,000 products. If you got what it takes, and ready to skyrocket your sales around $10-$20,000 residual profits on a monthly basis, then give it your all, and go for the higher product count packages.


30.) Question: What kind of memberships do you offer?

We offer private and exclusive product databases ranging in a variety of different quantities in products and product lines to sell. You will have unlimited access to your chosen package and members area. Choose and market any or all the products you wish to market.


31.) Question: What are master resell rights?

Master resell rights are those giving you the chance to sell the product, and it's licensed rights to redistribute. Giving you the added benefit and value of that product, because your customer will earn those rights and will be motivated to resell that products, being given the same benefit as you. A quality product, and 100% profit.


32.) Question: What are basic resell rights?

Basic resell rights are the same as the master resell rights. The only difference is you can't sell those rights to your customers. But only the product itself. All of our products and memberships are exclusively packaged informing you of which products have master resell rights and basic resell rights.


33.) Question: What are private label rights?

Private label rights allow you a little more flexibility in your offerings to your potential customers by allowing you to edit the content of the author, showing forth work like it's yours. Anything allowing your own personal branding are considered private label rights.


34.) Questions: Are there any restrictions on your products?

That's all based on the rights you have to any of the products. Instructions are given on individual products, in both our online store and membership databases.


35.) Question: Do you update products in your members area(s)?

We constantly keep products updated in your private membership area(s) for your convenience and income potential benefits. We keep the newest product releases featured at the top of every section in our databases.


36.) Question: Do I have unlimited access to these products to sell?

Absolutely. Access them at anytime. Doesn't matter. As a member of your specific product package you have that right, along with lifetime access.


37.) Question: Are there any refunds on reseller opportunities or memberships?

It's impossible to refund a customer for a lucrative business opportunity. Due to the nature of the huge potential in this market, it's up to that individual person to make it work. Therefore, this is why we require our customers to be serious about reseller opportunities. There is alof of money to be made. And would not be fair to other resellers if we issued refunds.


Customer Product Delivery And Service 


38.) Question:  What is digital fed ex delivery?

Our unique world class secure method of digital delivery. Everything is personally packaged for you, and delivered with included tracking of your products and services. It's the most unique and beautiful service we have to offer our customers. And completely personal.


39.) Question: Is my delivery secure?

Yes. Each customers checkout experience each and everytime will be personalized. We do not use the same information for all customers. Your product delivery experience is fast, simple, and secure.


40.) Question: How will I receive my products?

All products are electronically packaged through our fed ex digital service, then distributed to the email address you provided us on profile.


41.) Question: How long do I have to wait to receive my products?

We absolutely do not like to keep our customers waiting. We process all orders immediately. If your order is ever delayed, we will give you 30% off toward your next online purchase.


42.) Question: Are there any expensive fees?

Not at all. We keep our pricing affordable for our clients around the world. While delivering quality solutions around the world. Not quantity.


43.) Question: What if my products are damaged or unaccessible, and I need assistance?

It is your responsibility to notify us and inform us of any problems immediately. This way we can take care of the situation for you.


44.) Question: What makes you different from the rest?

Wealth Divisions guarantees quality and benefits to every walk of life anywhere in the world 365 days a year. We only retail the highest and finest world class products and services. We have created unique experiences for all of our customers. Always giving them confidence that they will have friendly and reliable service at all times.


45.) Question: Can I use any of your products and money making services in my country?

It doesn't matter where you are. If you have connection to the internet world, you are all set to go from there.


46.) Question: What is the difference between the ebook readers program, and ebook reseller membership options?

We've designed each and every individual package to fit the needs of consumers. An ebook readers program membership, only entails they get access to any book suited for that package. Not necessarily containing the Master Resell Rights, as opposed to an ebook reseller program. Our ebook reseller programs were designed specifically for individuals who are ready to make money online by marketing top selling products distributed in each individual package. Each program requires different functionality in regards to reading and making money. Although you get the same benefit of reading and inheriting resourceful informational products, only difference is not all come with resell rights when it comes to the ebook reader program selections.





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